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Adelaide Connect

University of Adelaide Grounds, 1961Waite Agricultural Research Institute Building, 1970Commemoration Ceremony, 1971Final Year Civil Engineering Students - University Footbridge, 1974Elder Conservatorium Orchestra, 1974Students at Examinations, 1982Ballets Russes - Scheherazade - Illustrations, 1919Students in the Cloisters, 1945Adelaide Teachers College Students, 1925Reise-Abenteuer eines braven Deutschen im Lande der Kangaroo - IIKidman Rodeo on the Jubilee Oval, 1932Intervarsity Women's Hockey Team, 1950Sports Association General Committee, 1936Women's Hockey Team, 1961Law Graduates, 1989Waite Campus, c2000Five Women - Cloisters, Union Building in Background, 1930Mitchell Building, c1945Women's Union Cottage, c1927Women Students, 19051953 Golden Jubilee Commemoration Ceremony, 2003Intervarsity Rowing Team, 1905International Students, c2001Colombo Plan 50th Anniversary, 2001PROSH Week Celebrations, 1957David Williams - Zoology - Waite Campus, c1980Sixth Cavalry Mobile Veterinary Section, Roseworthy Agricultural College, 1940-41 Diploma Students, Roseworthy Agricultural College, 1949-1950Students, Roseworthy Agricultural College, 1913-1914Graduates and Staff, Roseworthy Agricultural College, 1991Roseworthy Oenology Students in Vineyard with Dr Bryce Rankine and Ken Leske, 1989AIATP Cultural Celebration, Roseworthy Agricultural College, 1992Intervarsity Lacrosse Team, 1890Arts Students with Professor Boulger, c1894University Teaching Staff, 1906University of Adelaide Women Students, 1918Faculty of Medicine Third Year Medical Students, 1929Waite Agricultural Research Institute, Glen Osmond, 1936Official Opening of the University Footbridge, 1937Adelaide University Engineering Society, 1946Union Cloisters, 1955Singing Students, 1955

The University of Adelaide's special collections play a vital role in research, teaching, learning, and community engagement. Delve into the collections and uncover selective digitised archival records, museum objects, personal papers, cultural & scientific artefacts, photographs, rare books and visual art.


Graduation Ceremony, 1971Mr Conroy - Administration, c1972Governor Inspecting Beef Cattle, c1964Jane Wilson and Tristram Cary, c1985Set of ValvesBob Baker, Oenologist, c19651950 University of Adelaide Annual ReportOn Dit. Volume 37, Issue 1Department of Physics Group Photograph, including Legend, 1974Second Football Team, Roseworthy Agricultural College,  1929On Dit. Volume 1, Issue 13On Dit. Volume 70, Issue 10Doctorate of the University Ceremony, 1979On Dit. Volume 58, Issue 21Lim Wah Ching - Plant Pathology, c1975Galvanometer - ReflectingRichard Smart and Students, 1979Television Setup - Official Dinner for Prince Philip, 1974Waite Agricultural Research Institute, 1929University North Terrace Campus Buildings and Grounds, 1981Discharge LampEquipment - Electric - ExperimentationFootball Team, B Grade, 1935University of Adelaide Grounds, c1945 Adelaidean - Volume 5 Number 13 - 29 July 1996On Dit. Volume 71, Issue 11Salaries Office Staff, 1978Andrew Ewart, 1982Experimental Pot Still, Roseworthy Agricultural College, 1980Shorthorn CattleProfessor Geoffrey Harcourt, 1982Students, Roseworthy Agricultural College, 1919-20Professor Thomas Browning, c1980S B Rundall, 1911Dr Brian Elliott and Professor Colin Horne, 1983Laboratory, c1925Back of photograph - St Nicholas Church, Old Marston, OxfordOn Dit. Volume 40, Issue 9Roseworthy Student Vol 51 No1 1955Phil Gee and Camel Race, 1990Photoelectric CellsMartindale Hall, 1977Adelaidean - Volume 9 Number 2 - 28 February 2000Ken Leske, 1983Dame Roma Mitchell, c19881930 - Calendar - Parts 1 2 3 4 Appendix - University of AdelaideProfessor Geoff Fincher Opening Soil Science Laboratory, c1990Resistance StandardsOrientation Week, c1985